Here, we have tried to address doubts and questions that you may have about the various tours. There are also some must dos, advice and hints. If you need any further information, or any more queries please get in touch and we will oblige gladly.

Is this a very tough adventure biking holiday?
No, it is not. The adventure will be challenging rather than tough. You will encounter some high mountain passes, some country roads and some with potholes in them.

What kind of adventure trip is it?
All packages are chosen so that you will be visiting the destinations in peak season. The trips therefore will be fun. Landscapes, languages, cultures, architecture, dresses and cuisines change every 150 kilometres in India, if not less. There is a lot to take in.

How much fitness is required for this trip?

You would have to be reasonably fit. You will get the right guidance and advice from our guides when any strenuous activities are involved. For example, we advise people with breathing difficulties, to forego the trip to Leh because of the high altitudes. You can opt out of such activities and still have a lot to do. Our guides travel the familiar with the localities, and they will help you keep yourself occupied.

Age need not be a bar. We however advise you consult your doctor before you start, and carry your own medication, as some of the places we visit, may not have fully equipped chemists.

How much biking experience is needed?
Some riding experience is necessary and you must have a valid driving licence.

 How safe is this trip?

No adventure trip is absolutely safe. There is always an element of risk, and we try our level best to eliminate as far as possible. We have experienced local tour leaders, who are thoroughly familiar with local conditions. You will be given specific briefing and instructions at the beginning of every phase, and advised on the speed limit to be maintained, depending on the condition of the roads and the weather.

However embarking on the trip is your decision. You will have to sign an indemnity bond absolving us from liability in the event of a mishap or injury.

 What will be the size of the group?

We don’t take more than 8-10 riders, apart from 3-4 our own staff members.

 What types of bikes are provided.

The bikes will be 350cc and 500cc, four stroke bikes running on gasoline. These are sturdy and are proven performers in tough conditions. They are reputed for their stability, handling, comfort of riding and have good ground clearance. You can opt for lighter bikes if you so desire and we will provide them.

How can one stay in touch with family and friends?

In some places coverage for mobile phones and access to internet may be erratic or not available. There are telephone call centers at regular intervals along all routes. Once your booking is confirmed you will be provided with a tour schedule, a list of hotels you will be staying at and their telephone numbers.

What happens if there is some unfavorable weather conditions and the trip cannot go as per the itinerary?

In the Himalayan region the risk factor is always there. Sometimes due to heavy rains, there are land slides or sudden snow fall and nobody has any control over these conditions. We always have a plan B and we  divert the tour and try to show best possible places to our clients.

How can I book the tour?

You can book the trip any time by making a payment of $300 as a reservation charge. However you have to confirm your booking at least three months before the start of the trip and pay a 50% advance six weeks before the tour. Balance is payable on arrival.

 How can one make the payment?

Payments can be made through Western Union or MoneyGram or bank transfers. Please contact us and we will give you our Bank details, Swift Code and Account Number.

 Can I cancel a booking if I change my mind, or in case of an emergency?

It is not easy to send the refund from India to any foreign country. That is the reason we don’t ask our clients to send the full amount of payment in advance.The booking amount of US$300 is not refundable. You pay only 50% of the rest of the amount three months before the trip and rest of the amount can be paid on arrival. Any refund is not possible as we make all the hotel bookings well in advance.

 What kind of accommodation is arranged?

We take care to book only the best accommodation that is available at a given stop. In Delhi you will be accommodated in a four/five star hotel. All other hotels will be three star. Camping wherever done will be luxurious and of world standard.

Here is some useful information

You should mandatory have Travel  and  Health Insurance to participate in the tour. Please get in touch with your insurance agent, check that all your papers are in order and carry the papers with you. It is tedious and time consuming for a foreign national to get insured in India. We also recommend that your baggage be insured.


You should pack clothing for riding and leisure for temperatures between 5 and 30°C, including swim wear. Expect temperatures below freezing at night at higher altitudes in the Himalayas. Rugged clothing is advised. No formal wear is required.


On tours your baggage will be transported in a support vehicle. However, try and travel as light as possible. You may have to carry personal over short distances at hotels, railway stations and at airports. Carry valuables, personal affects and things for daily use either in saddlebags of in your day-pack.


Please make sure you carry photocopies of all of your important travel documents such as your passport, national driving license, international driving license, insurance, a few copies of passport size photographs and flight ticket in case of emergencies.


Visitors to India need a tourist visa, which must be procured before your arrival.
Your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond the period of your stay. Please contact your country’s  embassy or an Indian consulate for more information, as the requirements vary from time to time and according to your nationality.


Please bring your own riding gear including safety wear and a riding helmet.. Also be sure to bring your wet-weather gear to help ensure that it won’t rain.

 Other helpful items: 

A flashlight – ideally a headband-mounted one. Swiss army knife can be useful. Sunglasses are absolutely essential. A personal drinking bottle is also very convenient. We also recommend that you bring a sleeping bag or a fleece blanket, as Indian hotel rooms are generally unheated and can become quite cold, especially at higher altitudes.
We also recommend a waterproof day-pack for your most essential items, or a tail bag with mounting straps that will allow  you to unstrap the bag and carry it along at shorter stops. You should keep drugs (diarrhea and cold medication, vitamins, etc.) and other personal items (sun block, insect repellent) within convenient reach.

A shot of Fernet Branca or a similar herbal digestive can be useful in case you have problems with the local cuisine. As these are not available locally, we advise participants with sensitive stomachs to carry them along.








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